CAM CAM COPENHAGEN - Harlequin Kids Chair

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Dimensions H58xW30xD30cm
Materials 100% MDF

Harlequin Kids Chair. The name Harlequin refers to the rhombus shaped pattern, known from the Pierrot La Lune ballet and classical painted patterns. It's a contemporary design with a classical reference. We also create classical references in the detailing of the furniture, creating a level of craftmanship, seldom found in modern furniture. The chair is very stabile and robust because of the construction and the dimensions. 

Dimensions: H58xW30xD30cm
Seating Height: H31cm

The paint meets the requirements of the European Toys Directive EN 71/3 2013 (Test on evaporation of toxics on painted/lacquered surfaces). VOC-free paint. 
Materials: 100% MDF.

Made in Europe. Environmentally friendly production and produced under socially responsible conditions.

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