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Sharing the same angled legs as the rest of the series, the tabletop of the Moulded Plywood Desk CPH190 features a split at the back of the table, creating a useful upright backrest for supporting notes and open books, while the remainder serves as workspace.

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Made in Europe yes
Brand / Designer Hay
Dimensions L 150 x D 70 x H 74 cm
Materials Solid oak / 24 mm moulded plywood with split top plate / Edge top follows base finish
Recommended age From 6 years old until adult age
Already assembled no
Assembly Easy (less than an hour)

HAY has attempted to create a range of educational furniture, which in form and identity has a clear dating in our age, and with it's compelling manner uncovers the current functional needs of a university.

They wanted to distance themselves from the slightly institutional expression of traditional educational furniture and create furniture with greater originality and a more domestic expression.

The tabletop has a split that makes room for computer cords.

This has the dual benefit of making the desk more compact, at the same time it increases functionality. Ideal for using in a home office or in a work environment, it is crafted in oak with a clear lacquer.

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