Elva Senses - Teddy Theone Octopus - Blue

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Sensory Toy : The Teddy Theone Octopus from Elva Senses provides cognitive stimulation to your baby's mind ! 

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Brand / Designer Elva Senses
Materials 99,5% discarded water bottles

Stroking, clasping and holding on to the 30cm flexible tentacles of Theone decreases stress and soothes your toddler’s nervous system. The sensory response promotes fine motor skills and provides therapeutic feedback. The bubbled texture of their heads stimulates the tactile sense making this plush toy the ideal cuddle partner for babies. For bigger children this tactile toy keeps the hands busy while the brain is able to focus on instructions.

Earth-Aware : made of 99,5% discarded water bottles (PET) 
Certified OEKO-TEX® & REACH


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