Elva Senses - Teddy Sensory Talula Octopus - Pink

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Teddy Sensory : The Talula Octopus from Elva Senses provides cognitive stimulation to your baby's mind ! 

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Brand / Designer Elva Senses
Materials 99,5% discarded water bottles

After nine months of anticipation, love and attention to your bump, you’ll want to give your newborn something extra special. So say hello to this little octopus, which is so much more than just a first toy. The tentacles resemble the umbilical cord and the womb experience, so it will help reduce stress and soothe their nervous system. This octopus is the ideal sensory baby toy and a must-have maternity item.

At birth, your baby’s brain contains 100 billion neurons (the same amount of stars in the milky way!). During their first few years, they’ll grow trillions of nerve cell connections, called neural synapses.


Why this Elva toy is a mum and baby favourite: 

  • Caressing, squeezing and holding onto the flexible tentacles provides cognitive stimulation
  • The sensory feedback promotes fine motor skills and gives therapeutic feedback
  • The bubbly texture of its head stimulates the tactile sense and makes it the ideal toy for babies
  • Premature friendly - as observed by medical staff and parents, the tentacles closely resemble aspects of the womb

“Distracts little hands away from tubes and IV’s while soothing and calming.” Reviewed by preemieworld.com

Measurements: Head height 11.5cm, width 7.5cm, tentacles length 20cm when fully-stretched, width 1.3cm

Easy Care: Machine wash at 40°

Earth-Aware: Made of 99.5% discarded water bottles (rPET) non-pilling poly microfiber for maximum softness, sustainability and durability

Certified: OEKO-TEX® 100, CE & REACH.


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