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Oeuf NYC

BE GOOD ; This is the slogan of OEUF.

Started by a French - American couple, OEUF offers a collection of convertible furniture with a timeless design that will allow it to take its place in all types of interior, from classic to contemporary. The furniture in the collection features simple, subtle and pure lines and, most importantly, is designed with children in mind. The designs are practical and accessible for children of all ages, allowing them to grow and develop in their own personnalised environment. 

OEUF is also a collection of eco-friendly furniture, produced in a manner that prioritises respect for the environment : the wood comes from eco-managed forest, The MDF is made from used and recycled pieces of wood, the varnish is water based, the boxes are made out of 100 % recycled cardboard, the pieces of furniture do not include PCP, PBDE* or  phtalates. (the PCP* is a toxic product used to artificially keep the wood, and the PBDE are chemical products that retard fire), the paints are eco-friendly, the factories are heated with used wood. 

At KIDS LOVE DESIGN we not only love the character of this collection - convertible, simple, subtle and timeless - we also value the sustainable production process. 

Oeuf, is more than a brand, it is a philosophy. 

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Showing 1 - 24 of 47 items