You live near Divonne-les-Bains (in Switzerland), and would like to buy from us; you have two options:

- Pick up your order in-store and benefit from the tax refund

- When taking the products, we fill in in store formalities needed to benefit from a tax refund. We charge prices including French VAT 20%

- You will drop the paper in the box provided at the Swiss customs in Chavannes (the box is called DECLARATION ECRITE)

- Within 3 to 4 weeks, you will receive a letter from the Swiss customs asking you to pay the Swiss VAT 8%, unless you have been able to travel free and benefit from the franchise*

*franchise: Swiss residents will not pay the Swiss VAT for a purchase amount less than CHF 300 (approx. 250 euros depending on the exchange rate). Please note, if you purchase a single product for approx. 600 CHF, the franchise does not apply even if you are two people in the vehicles (you need at least 2 packages).

- While you will receive the Swiss letter, we will receive a confirmation of export by the French customs. We can then refund the French VAT 20%. To reimburse this amount, we will credit your payment card in our store. (preferably the same you used for the payment / but not mandatory).
Please note that the reimbursement can only be done within 6 months from the date of the purchase. Please come by the shop within this timeframe. 

After 6 months from the date of purchase, we will not be able to proceed to reimbursement. 
For more information, please check : 
Arrêté du 16 décembre 2014 fixant la forme, les conditions d'établissement et d'apurement du titre justificatif des exportations effectuées par les voyageurs résidant dans un pays tiers à l'Union européenne ou dans une collectivité d'outre-mer de la République

In total, it takes 5 minutes to fill in the administrative paper, a delay of up to 4 weeks and a second presentation in our store to save at least 12% of the total price! (20% if you buy less than 250 euros per person and therefore benefit from the franchise). It looks difficult, but it is in fact easy!

You wish a delivery at home and benefit from the tax free

- You will be invoiced without the French VAT 20%

- You will be charged for the customs administration fees of 80 euros

- The carrier will give you the invoice corresponding to 8-10% for the payment of the Swiss VAT (amount calculated by customs). This amount must be paid at the time of delivery.

- For details on delivery and assembly costs, please check the Local delivery service & Assembly page.