Austrian furniture designers perludi develop rugged quality children’s furniture.

Innovative design, environment-friendly values and sustainability are the cornerstones of perludi’s philosophy. 

Children also play a vital role: their ideas, needs and wishes are taken seriously and form the foundation of the design brief, which is then implemented by a team of product designers, architects, psychologists, engineers as well as marketing and production specialists.

All perludi furniture pieces are made of natural, non-toxic, safe and child-friendly materials.
- The wood used in the production comes exclusively from Europe. 

- Loden is made from 100 % virgin wool.
- For the bonding (for example for loden and wood) only environmentally friendly glue is used.
- The surfaces of lacquered perludi furniture are painted with saliva-resistant and environmentally friendly lacquers. 
- The furniture is made with partner companies in Austria, Germany and Slovenia 

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items