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The designers of the brand favoured a design concept based on powerful aesthetic principles - the kind of toys that would look good in any house - beautiful enough to leave out, not tidy away.

The two children's ride-ons, Max and Flix, were SIBIS' first steps in this conceptual direction, and were soon followed by further models in a classic collection including rocking horses, a doll's pushchair, a new take on the traditional baby walker, and a wheelbarrow. The miniature house 'Villa SIBI' was created as the foundation stone in the theme of architectural models for play and would equally attractive in a architect's office or in a living room.

All goods have been tested for children's use by the German technical safety authority Tüv as well as by the well-respected consumer association 'Spiel-gut.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items