KUTIKAI - Crib Baby bed - Peekaboo Collection - 120x60cm

01.01 Crib 120/60

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Made in Europe Poland
Brand / Designer KUTIKAI
Dimensions 127 x 64 x 89 cm
Materials bleached natural burch / Natural oak

Crib Baby bed 120x60cm from "The Peekaboo Collection"

The height of the bed allows to put the baby comfortably into the crib without leaning over too much.
The height of the mattress is adjustable: first level is for newborns till the baby becomes more lively and learns to roll over, second level – for more active kids till they learn to sit, third level - for when our little ones practice getting up until they become clever enough to try to climb out of the crib. 

An additional safety rail is available to help the child get in and out of the bed fully unassisted.

Dimensions : 127 x 64 x 89 cm
Color : bleached natural burch / Natural oak 

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