KUTIKAI - Playhouse Desk - Roof Collection - 100x64cm

2.10 Playhouse desk

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Made in Europe Poland
Brand / Designer KUTIKAI
Dimensions 100 x 64 x 82 cm
Materials bleached natural birch / Natural oak

Playhouse Desk 100x64cm from "The Roof Collection"

The Playhouse desk is a cheerfull reference to tht typical dewlling place found in children's drawings.
The roof of the house serves as a desktop - a drawing space , the chimneys on the roof can be used to store crayons and pencils. Ther is a window in one of the wall, you can get into the house and play hide-and-seek, marketplace or library under the roof.
The desk can be matched with chairs and pouches for pencils and treasures.
The desktop is made of stain resistant white laminate.

Dimensions : 100 x 64 x 82 cm
Colors : bleached natural birch / Natural oak



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