KUTIKAI - Toddler bed - Roof Collection - 160x80cm

02,07 Toddler bed

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Made in Europe Poland
Brand / Designer KUTIKAI
Materials Natural birch / White paint

Toddler bed  160x80cm from "The Roof Collection"

The transition from crib to toddler bed is a very important moment in child’s development. A larger bed gives freedom and independence. The mattress is placed low, allowing the child to easily get in or out of the bed.
The bed has been designed as a house with openings. This is not only essentially a bed but it inspires to play various games during the day. It can be a shelter, a stand, or a library.
There’s a shelf on the other side to put a favourite soft toy or something to drink. Children like to hide, and the shape of the house with limited walls helps provide a sense of security in a larger room. The length of the mattress is comfortable for children that like to move freely while sleeping.

Dimensions : 164 x 84 x 145 cm
Colour : Natural birch / White paint

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