LEGO - STORAGE BOX DRAWER - 4 studs - Blue


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With the LEGO storage boxes it's will be the first time tidying up can actually become fun and interesting!

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Made in Europe yes
Brand / Designer LEGO
Dimensions L25 x w25 x H18 cm
Cleaning instructions Can be washed in the dishwasher

PRACTICAL : The LEGO storage box can be used to store all kind of toys and objets.

CLEVER : your child will immediately know where his/her toys are, since he/she can use the color/shape recognition.

BEAUTIFUL : by pilling up several stackable boxes, you will be able to great a shape, a wall divider, or even a piece of furniture. With its lacquered trendy colors, the LEGO storage box will become a partner of your day-to-day life.

The LEGO storage boxes are made by a Danish company, which is specialised in making storage boxes for the food industry. Made in East Europe, the boxes fulfill the requirements within toy safety regulations for the EU. No PVC used. 

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